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Special Introductory Self Analysis & Dianetics Book Package with four additional booklets  $75


 This special package consists of the purchase of:

  • Self-Analysis workbook
  • Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health book
  • AND four booklets carefully selected to help you with your life right now


This special package also includes the following assistance at no extra charge:

  • free consultation
  • free orientation on how to do Self Analysis Do-It-Yourself Therapy at home by a Self Analysis Counselor
  • free personal follow-ups and coaching by a Self Analysis Counselor who will be available to help you through the book and the self-therapy section.
  • free one-hour introductory one-on-one Dianetics counseling session (can only be done in person)
  • free analysis of your personality traits before and after you do this program

Special Introductory Do-it-yourself Self Analysis & Dianetics Book Package

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