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Knowing Who You Can Trust


How can you tell who your real friends are? How can you decide who to trust and rely upon? How can you pick the right person to be in a relationship?

In starting a new relationship of any kind, isn’t it better to know the other partner well before you cement your relationship and make commitments? And in establishing a business partnership with someone that will have far-reaching and long-term effects, shouldn’t you find out if this person is the right partner for you? Will this person help make your joint project successful?


On this course you will learn the fundamentals of human behavior that enable you to know your fellow man by observing how they act, what they do, how they communicate and how they deal with life.

The length of this course is 4 days part-time.

"I really liked this course. I am able to use this data in my life to know who to associate with and who not to. I also gained a better understanding on the subject  of Trust. I used to put too much emphasis on trusting people. Now I know what to look for in people and can trust them from that alone. No more worry and thinking about it all the time.” R.L.

"Being a good person can get you in a lot of trouble sometimes, especially when you don't know who to trust. The information contained in the course is basic enough for anyone to understand. It has influenced my behaviour forever for the good. No more regrets when I turn people away who are no good to me. I can save time, energy and emotional pain now that I know what to expect." S.P.

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