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Overcoming Problems with Money


Are you having money problems? Perhaps you are being hit by too many financial emergencies. Maybe you receive periodic threats on bills that you cannot pay. Or maybe you are in a financial crunch and need to raise your income to meet your demands. How do you take control of and effectively handle a financial crisis? And how do you prevent such emergencies from happening in the first place?

The basic natural laws of finance answer these questions. When you know and understand the fundamentals and basics of financial management, you can use what you learned to control your own prosperity and create a stress-free financial climate in which you can truly succeed.

The length of this course is 7 days part-time.

"The tools provided are easy to understand and I’m very excited to apply them. I think that confronting finance is a problem that almost everyone faces and this course definitely makes it easier to confront stress head-on.” S.M. 

"These are real solutions to my stress. I can do this! I'm already doing it! I've read so many books or parts of books on finances and always felt totally overwhelmed not knowing where to start. By the end of this course I felt much more in control. The Scientology Tools for Overcoming Financial Stress Course is simple and workable. I got right into action and I felt so much better." M.B. 

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