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"It is not possible to 'spoil' a child with love and affection... a child needs all the love and affection it can possibly get."

 L. Ron Hubbard

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With Dianetics and Scientology breakthroughs that show you what affects a baby’s future from conception through birth and infancy, you can start your child off on the right foot. On this course, both mother and father gain knowledge and tools that increase a baby’s well-being to the highest point.

The length of this course is 3 days part-time.

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Here are principles with which you can help your child build a stable, productive life. When you use them, you can assist your child to become a self-determined, happy and contributing family member--and an asset to society.

The length of this course is 3 days part-time.

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The transition from childhood to adulthood can be a rocky task for parents, but here are the principles that show you how. By knowing and using the tools in this course, you can help your tweens and teens achieve happiness and success for a lifetime.

The length of this course is 3 days part-time.

"This course has simplified a very complex aspect of living: parenting. It is one of the most useful pieces of information I have ever read on parenting and childhood development - simple, concise, correct and accurate." B.B.

"I learned so much that I never knew before about babies, pregnancy and newborns. The information is so vitally important I'm really glad I've done the course before having my first child. I would take forever to list out everything I learned. Things you wouldn't learn anywhere else but in Scientology." J.B.

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