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Scientology Beliefs

Are You Curious about Scientology?

Many people are. In particular, a lot of people are curious about Scientology beliefs.  Simply put, Scientology provides tools to handle life. In fact, you may be surprised to find out what it's really all about.

The videos on this page provide information on the basic principles and beliefs of this fast-growing religion so you can see for yourself what brings so many people to Scientology.

What is Scientology All About?

Scientology Provides Technology to Increase Ability and Vitality

Gain insight on the spiritual counseling that frees people from the restraints of pain and strife. Liberated from emotional stress, Scientologists experience more happiness, increased abilities, and elevated awareness.

Scientology Beliefs - Exploring Spirituality

Like most religions, Scientology believes man is a spirit.  In Scientology though, you are the spirit, are not a body and do not "own" a spirit or soul. You are immortal with abilities and capable of greatness far beyond your current state of being. Along with discovering their spiritual nature, Scientologists explore the meaning of life and uncover their own basic purpose.

Exploring Life Itself

While Scientology does help people tap into their feelings and effectively deal with negative ones, the technology is quite analytical in nature.  Scientologists learn tools to understand themselves and how to become more proactive and effectuating in their own lives.

Scientology Beliefs - Promoting Harmony and Understanding

Scientologists believe it is crucial to understand others.  This belief is necessary to maintain relationships, but is also essential to resolving difficulties.  It is necessary to every aspect of life. 

Respecting Other Cultures and Religions

Another aspect of understanding the surrounding world is to respect the cultures and religious beliefs of others. This is a basic tenet of Scientology.

Communication - A Key Relationship Tool

Scientologists learn and practice the components to good communication.  These tools are essential to all other basics and is a primary tool for dealing with life in general.

If you would like to learn more about Scientology and find out how it can you personally, call us at (818) 957-1500 or use this form to contact us.


For more information on Scientology beliefs, practices and social betterment programs, visit the Scientology TV Network here

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